We Cater To:

Small Biz

We offer local delivery and logistics solutions for small and medium-size businesses at an affordable rate. For business with < 20 deliveries/day


Large Biz

Large businesses rely on us for the most professional & timely delivery services. Tailored solutions available. For businesses > 20 deliveries/day



Have a parcel to send to your friend or colleagues. We cater to all situations: gifts, orders, work deliveries. We offer the lowest delivery charge in Singapore.



Local Courier Service

Regardless of the size, volume of parcels you need to send, we do it for you, right to the doorstep. Learn More

Customer Communication

Need us to communicate and arrange deliver with your customers? Not a problem, we provide sms services to your customers on your behalf

Scheduling and Routing

Our delivery scheduling and routing services ensure that your customers will receive the parcel on time

Warehousing and Storage

Store your goods at our warehouse, we will take of everything else for you so you can focus on sales. More >

Stock Management

We regularly update stock levels in our warehouse and inform you when stock levels are low so you can replenish stock levels in time.

Dispatch Services

Matching orders with existing inventory can be a headache, we ensure the right goods are on the right truck

emalTell us about your needs and hear how we can help, email: admin@idelivery.sg


Fast Service

Speed in delivery is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction which results in more sales

iDeliver Is Super Fast

Same day or next day delivery available for all businesses

Low Rates

Price matters, a low delivery cost can help you provide lower or even free delivery for your customers

iDeliver Offer Best Rates

We offer the lowest rates in the industry because we can

Responsive Service

Customers want to be able to arrange the delivery to fit their busy schedules

iDeliver Flexibly

We offer the most flexible service for your customer's convenience

Quality Service

The attitude of the delivery man in carrying out the service can have a profound impact on customer's satisfaction too.

iDeliver With A Smile

Our delivery man has been trained to deliver with a smile and be accommodating to customer's special request

Case Studies

How we helped our partners and customers to achieve their business goals

Grew Our Sales and Profits

We are Blogshop Singapore, the leading supplier of blogshop apparels and accessories. We had been partnering with ideliver since 2011 to deliver apparels and accessories to women in Singapore

We faced huge stuggles trying to solve the local delivery challenges and logistical issues when we first started.

Ideliver’s all-round and tailored services enabled us to focus on sales and cut down on unnecessary costs of maintaining a warehouse and delivery fleet. Our sales increased since we partnered with them and customer satisfaction also improved.

– Marie Lim, CEO of blogshopsingapore.sg


Improved Brand Image With Better Service

dumbbell set
Delivering goods to customers in a timely and professional manner can have a huge impact on a business’s brand reputation.

We used to deliver via Singpost which proved to be a bad decision as lost mails were common and their services are not customised to suit our needs. Late deliveries also had a huge impact on our brand reputation.

We were able to achieve 98% success rate with idelver’s local delivery service. To stay ahead of our competition, we have to optimise all areas of our service delivery and ideliver provided a good solution for us.

– Vincent, Dumbbells Set in Singapore

We Became The Largest Online Pet Supplies Store

We are the largest pet supplies store in Singapore. We started in 1969 and grew rapidly, after going online, sales exploded which led us to source for a local delivery solution.

Initially, we invested around $50,000 for our own delivery fleet. That did not solve our problems and many of our customers are missing deliveries. Instead of investing more, we decided to outsource our delivery service to ideliver.

The main concern we had was the delivery rates as we offer free shipping to our customers hence we have to absorb the delivery charges. The rates offered by ideliver was very reasonable and allowed us to keep our prices low. This had a great impact in growing our business both online and offline.

– Damien, manager of petsstation.com.sg (interview)

Increased Delivery Speed and Accuracy

We are a global company from Japan. Our Singapore branch partnered with a delivery company since 2007. Delivery speed of the previous company is mediocre and quality of service is substandard.

As our company grew, we wanted a better delivery service which can offer a faster delivery solution. We tried a few companies and eventually settled with a company called ideliver.

We also decided to outsource our logistics and warehousing solution to ideliver in our process to streamline our supply chain

– Chris Ducker, CEO of monotaro (interview)

Finally Online in 2014

As a small cake shop in yishun, we are proud to finally announce our official website which was launched in Feb 2014.

We will soon be adding freshly baked cakes and cookies onto our website for singaporeans to order online. Our physical store ow also serves as a collection point for all customers who ordered online.

A partnership with ideliver.sg would help us to deliver our cakes islandwide. Visit uglycakeshop.sg for the latest updates.

– Jia Ling, Owner of mandy’s cake shop (press release)

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Client Testimonials

So far our customers has been very satisfied with the delivery service from ideliver. Delivery charges are very low compared to other delivery companies. Hope you can continue to provide me with the quality service.
Jian Hao
Jian Hao
Owner of FitnessSportz SG
Excellent and very reliable delivery service in Singapore. Ideliver has a very professional team of delivery men and support staff. Our partnership has been very cordial. Wish Ideliver all the best in your business expansion.
Dennis Chua
Dennis Chua
CEO of Carware Singapore