full logistics

The Most Complete Logistics Solution in Singapore.

Our Full Logistics Solution, in essence, is an close integration of our courier service into our warehousing service. But its much more than that. Our full logisitcs solutions enable business owners like you to save tons of money and time that can be diverted to increasing sales.

Why Choose Our Full Logistics Service?

1. We are the only company that provides full end-to-end logistics service

2. We offer the most reasonable prices for most value

3. We have discounts for larger quantities

4. Save on manpower, cost and time spent on logistics-related activites

5. You can focus on increasing sales as we will handle the rest

6. Fully-integrated service allows us to deliver faster

7. Tailored solutions are available for all types of business

How It Works?

Its super simple, after you have signed up for our full logsitics plan, you are left with only 2 things to do. First, send your goods to our warehouse, second, send in customer orders to us. We will take care of the rest with the services mentioned above.




Thanks for the full logistics service, really satisfied. Wish I discovered ideliver earlier. Customers are giving good feedback for the delivery service. Will continue with the partnership
Ernest Lim
Ernest Lim
Sports Equipment Shop
So far so good! The full logistics solution really fitted my business needs well. The delivery men were very professional, some could not speak english but not really a big issue. Rates are super affordable compared to other courier services in Singapore.
Online ecommerce
Hope as your business grows you wouldn't neglect me as I was one of the first clients. Very professional service as usual and nothing really to complain about.
Wei Lun
Wei Lun
Retail distribution


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