Lowest Delivery Rate in SIngapore

If you have a parcel/parcels to send to 1 address, you can get started immediately with the pickup form. Find out the rate via our calculator provided.

If you’re have multiple parcels to send to multiple addresses, our Small Biz and Large Biz plan will be perfect for you.


- After request for pickup is submitted, our representative will contact you and delivery man will go down for pickup

- For same day delivery, cut-off for request is 12pm and cut-off for pickup is 3pm

- Parcel weight is capped at 20kg for the rate mentioned, for heavier parcels, price will be confirmed

- Pls label parcels with recipient contact no., full address (w postal code), cash to collect (if any), preferred delivery slot

- Preferred delivery slot is within 3 hours (e.g. 6-9pm, 7-10pm)

- We deliver from 1 – 10pm every day

- Option to allow us to schedule time with recipient (recommended)

- If cash is to be collected, we will bank transfer you remaining amount after collection (1-2 day)

- If no cash to be collected, pls pay delivery fee during pi

Delivery Rate

- For single deliveries (1 location), we charge based on distance

- Distance is based on distance of recipients address from our warehouse (21 Woodlands Close)

Step 1: Enter the address “21 Woodlands Close singapore, 737854″ as origin

Step 2: Enter your recipient’s address in full with postal code

Step 3: The delivery rate would be $6 + $ (distance in km x 0.6)

E.g. If recipient’s address is “12 yew siang road #02-06 Singapore 117752″, delivery fee would be $6 + $(28km x 0.6) = $22.8

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