Are you looking for a cost effective reliable courier service in Singapore? Are you looking for a courier that takes care of your goods delivers on time and doesn’t charge you a fortune for the service?

Are you in need of a leading independent Singapore courier service that can handle all of your transport requirements from a tiny parcel up to semi loads of steel with a fair and easy to understand pricing structure?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then this article is just for you.

There are many couriers in Singapore for you to choose from which will deliver or ship your package using a same day service or express direct. Yet how can you tell if the contents of your package is in safe hands and what makes a good courier service. The sad reality is; there are some courier companies who are known to offer not-so-good courier services which are often questionable and unreliable leaving you to ask the all too familiar question, “Where is my parcel?”

All being said, lets take a look at some of the key ingredients which make up a good courier service in Singapore to turn some of those negative experiences into positive ones.

Genuine customer service

Whenever you call a courier company, are you met with an actual person or an automated answering machine? Are your emails replied to whenever they are sent to express any concerns or queries? Does your courier company return your calls when they say they will upon trying to get a quote on how much it will cost to send or receive a package in Singapore?

Take some time to evaluate how the individual speaks with you during your phone call, and respond to your emails never settling for anything less than good customer service. The attitude displayed by a customer service rep tells a lot about a courier service and their commitment to getting your parcel delivered on time.

Transparency with delivery fees and pricing

The delivery of the package along with the costs for shipping at two of the most important factors to anyone who is shipping or receiving a parcel, and both of which must be controlled. Having said that going for the cheaper route with a courier service is not necessarily the best option. Furthermore the cheap and seemingly affordable fee which is often displayed is not guaranteed to be the price you may be required to pay.

While we would all prefer that affordability and effectiveness go hand in hand, the truth is, if the initial price you’re quoted seems too good to be true you should probably be on the look out for any hidden charges which may be included to effect a faster delivery time.


Occasionally packaged do not arrive at their prescheduled destination whenever they are supposed to. A good courier company will be able to offer you a honest and valid reason should anything ever go wrong with the parcel delivery. As with any other type of delivery service there are several factors beyond the control of your courier company which can go wrong to delay the delivery of your parcel such an accident or unforeseen weather conditions. However it is not unreasonable for you to expect a proper explanation.

Testimonials and Reviews

Looking back to all the poor reviews of many courier companies operating out of Singapore, it pays to look for positive reviews and testimonials from customers who have done business with a particular courier company.

Of course this is the Internet and as you might expect some of these positive reviews may have been fabricated in an effort to lure customers to a particular courier company. However real life experiences from friends or family members who customarily use courier services can prove to be very helpful when looking for a good courier service in Singapore.


In any market how the employees look and conduct themselves says a lot about a business, and with a courier company this is no different. It is crucial that the employees who are viewed working for the carrier company are not only well dressed but also polite and dependable. And although this may not be on the top of your list of attributes when looking for courier for your parcel presentation and effectiveness tend to be “first cousins” in business.

The method of transportation used by a courier company can also determine the quality of service of the company. Are the vehicles clean and well maintained or are they dirty and falling apart?

On Time

Timing is undoubtable one of the fundamental ingredients which will indicate a good courier service. Most importantly the delivery and pickup times. If your courier service is generally known to keep you waiting without providing a valid reason then you probably need to reconsider using their services in the near future.

When your courier service gives you a pickup or delivery time of within the hour, then the time expected should be no more than sixty minutes within the time that statement was made.


A good courier company is one which should be able to offer service level guarantees to create a level confidence and customer loyalty assuring the individual that what the company suggests it will do will be done. Nonetheless the traffic conditions in Singapore is noted for its occasional traffic jams and delays, so I wouldn’t suggest that you expect record braking times or unrealistic promises. However a a fundamental expectation of company management is always welcomed.

Going The Extra Mile

In the courier business, going the extra mile takes on upon itself a literal meaning than as perceived in any other industry. A good courier company in recognition of the importance of going the extra mile will often go at great lengths to have your parcel delivered many of whom will generally make it known to the customer.

That being said there are several courier services in Singapore which are known to offer good courier services and below I have listed some of services which are generally offered by a good courier company operating in Singapore.

• List of the standard turnaround time on deliveries
• Offering express VIP Direct services available on all inbound and outbound packages
• List of all parcels, envelopes and small items
• Pallet services listings if any
• List of same day express services in Singapore
• listCountry Victoria Same Day Express
• Local and International service listing
• Ad hoc deliveries
• Home deliveries